Beware of ‘WannaCry’ ransomware !!

What is “WannaCry” ransomware?

“WannaCry” ransomware also known as WanaCrypt0r, Wcry, Wana Decryptor is a type of maleware that encrypts the files present on the hard disk and restricts the access to those files unless the victim pays a ransom.

When did “WannaCry” ransomware start spreading?

On Friday 12th May 2017, significant number of ransomware infections were reported, early reports were from NHS hospital network in the UK and mobile telecommunications company Telefonica in Spain.

What to do to protect your system from “WannaCry” ransomware?

1. Do not open any attachments from suspicious email ids. Beware of the attachments with extension such as exe, bat, tmp, vb, pst, cmd, url, vbe, scr, reg, cer, dll, dat, js etc…

2. Do not click on the link received from an unsolicited email address

3. Keep your system Anti-Virus software up to date

4. Remove/do not install any unwanted softwares, especially pirated version of softwares

5. Take backup of your data

6. Microsoft has released “Security Bulletin MS17-010 – Critical” , a security Update for Microsoft Windows SMB Server (4013389). Read through the workarounds.

7. You can also read Customer Guidance For Wannacrypt Attacks released by Microsoft

This is how “WannaCry” ransomware screenshot looks like

WannaCry inSummary

(Screenshot taken from internet)

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  1. Thanks, in India the impact is not too huge, moreover it is not clear how much amount has been paid by Indian Co’s. However, as per some articles in Internet, globally, $41400 have been paid so far in bit coins.

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