Donate to our Martyrs using Bharat Ke Veer website

Login to to go to Bharat Ke Veer website

Click on “Enter”

Enter Bharat Ke Veer

Read Guidelines and click on “Proceed”

Guidelines Bharat Ke Veer

There are two places you can donate:
1. Directly to the Brave Martyred Soldiers’ kins account
2. To the common Corpus account

Let’s take an example of making donation to the common Corpus

Click on “Bharat Ke Veer” tab on the menu:

Bharat Ke Veer Common Corpus

Fill your details, click on “Generate OTP” and proceed after entering the generated OTP.

Payee Details Bharat Ke Veer

Click on “I agree” and proceed with payment

Payment Agreement Bharat Ke Veer

You will be taken to “SBIePay” gateway where you can choose your preferred mode of payment

SBIePay Bharat Ke Veer

We chose “Debit Card” mode but after entering Debit Card details, we could not go forward with successful payment. We tried multiple times.

We got following response:

Declined Bharat Ke Veer

Please leave your comment if you could successfully make payment. Or let us know what issues are you facing.
We will update this post as we make progress.

We contacted Mr. Vijay (DIG IT) and he acknowledged the server slowness issue, they are fixing the problems.

Disclaimer: If you find any discrepancies in this article then please contact us

  1. I am unable to go past beyond the OTP page, the website seems to get timeout.
    Tried from my mobile too, in mobile the index page itself is not opening.

  2. Sir ,
    I want to donate some amount but the payment option is only SBI card my SBI card is older one it doesn’t contain expiry date.
    So please provide other payment option also like UPI or payment wallet. So that we can easily donate.
    Thank you Sir.

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