Private school fees capped in Gujarat!

On 30th March 2017, Gurajat assembly passed much awaited ‘The Gujarat Self Financed Schools (Regulation of Fees) Bill, 2017‘ to regulate Private school fees.

Key Highlights of the bill are mentioned below:

Schools covered in this bill

The bill is applicable to all private self-financed schools affiliated to Gujarat State Education Board, CBSE, ICSE or IB.

The bill does not apply on “Private playgroups”, “Nursery schools” and “Crèches”.

Further norms for all schools running divisions of playgroup, nursery, LKG and UKG will be announced soon.

Maximum Limit to School Fees

Starting from academic year 2017-18, following will be the maximum annual fees (including the admission fees) of the schools:

Primary School – Rs 15000 (per year)
Secondary School – Rs 25000 (per year)
Higher Secondary School – Rs 27000 (per year)

Zone Fee Regulatory Committee

In case any private school wants to increase the annual fee, then the school management need to reach out to Zone Fee Regulatory Committee with the justification for the proposal of increase in annual fees.

Gujarat government will form 4 Zone Fee Regulatory Committee for Ahmedabad, Surat, Rajkot and Vododara
Head of the committee will be either:
a. A retired district judge
b. A retired additional district judge
c. A retired IAS Officer (in the rank of Principal Secretary)
d. A retired IPS Officer (in the rank of ADGP)

Punishment for breaching the law

1. Fine of Rs 5 lakhs for the first breach
2. Fine of Rs 5-10 lakhs for the second breach
3. Cancellation of approval for the third breach

All the stipulated fines should be paid along with a refund of double the fees taken beyond the permitted limits. The fees should be refunded within 15 days of the order and post which additional interest of 1% should be paid until the date of final payment.

Filing complaints against School for the matter of School Fees

The Zone Fee Regulatory Committee has the right to act suo moto(on its own motion) or based on complaints received by parents or any other entity

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    1. This is an authentic news, and yes, much needs for other states as well.
      Th State minister for education Bhupendrasinh Manubha Chudasama who presented the bill said that “Education is a service and not a business, for those who want to earn profits should open a factory or a business establishment”

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